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Reduce Licensing Costs, NOT Developers During Pandemic

Nov 18, 2020

Our mission is to lower the costs, and reduce the development time needed to create your Enterprise Data Warehouse.

For far too long there has been an expensive, and unnecessary, price tag for standing up and maintaining data warehouses. Beyond the up-front costs, there are best practices and features that aren’t being utilized like ELT instead of ETL, code reuse, auto merge statements and much more. It’s easy to overlook these costs when the economy isn’t in a pandemic-chokehold, but now that it is, re-evaluating these costs becomes increasingly important.

Save Money

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Save Time (a.k.a. money)

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eltSnap in Action

eltSnap is an ELT (not ETL) platform alternative to SSIS that has it's own built-in Python Runtime. It is integrated in Azure Data Studio, which is open-source and free, and uses it as the front-end. This allows you to bypass Microsoft's expensive SQL Server licensing and also accelerates your development by more than 10x with a code generator approach.

Video: This is a sample of eltSnap in action within Azure Data Studio. This shows you how quickly it can:

  • Create a Project

  • Create a Connection

  • Create a Data Flow Package

  • Run a Project

Why Azure Data Studio:

  • Fork of VS Code

  • Designed for Database Professionals

  • Open Source, Cross Platform

  • Designed for Extensibility

  • Integrated Jupyter Notebooks

  • Customizable Dashboards & Visualizations

  • Integrated Terminal Window

ELT instead of ETL:

  • Transformations are Pure SQL (the True Language of Databases)

  • Performance and Scalability in the Cloud (use 5x, 10x, or 100x Compute Power when needed)

  • Able to leverage “Stored Procedures” (Manage your code in the Database)

  • Avoid Vendor-Lock (SQL code is easier to migrate than ETL Solutions

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