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We want to make your experience with notebookSnap as smooth as possible.  Choose from our library below, or get started right away with our FAQs.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a Free version?

Yes. You can use NotebookSnap at no charge as an extension to Azure Data Studio. The runtime, which provides Notebook execution capabilities is also free up to 4 packages per project.

Can I schedule NotebookSnap Projects to run automatically?

Yes. The runtime uses a standard Command Line Interface (CLI) which can be scheduled in Windows Task scheduler, SQL Agent, or similar scheduling program.

Can I use standard .SQL files instead of ADS Notebooks?

Yes. The .SQL file only needs to have all associated metadata in order to be ingested into the eltSnap database. ADS Snippets are provided to facilitate metadata creation.

How do I update the ‘eltsnap_v2’ database using the latest version on Github

1. Sync your local folders with GitHub: 2. Connect to the destination (target) SQL Server in Azure Data Studio 3. Right Click on the connection and choose "Data-tier Application wizard” 4. In the Wizard, choose the first option (Deploy) and Click “Next” 5. Set deployment options: - Select the file eltsnap_v2.dacpac located under the eltsnap_install\database folder
- Select 'Upgrade existing Database' option
- Verify ‘Target Server’ name and database name ‘eltsnap_v2’ 6. Click “Next” to Review the deploy plan 7. Click “Next” to View the Summary 8. Click “Next” and then 'Deploy' The database ‘eltsnap_v2’ should now be updated with the latest version on Github