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To install notebookSnap to your Azure Data Studio application, you first need to clone the project from our GitHub repository to Azure Data Studio. Refer to the text and/or video instructions on how to install, in a snap. 

Video Instructions

Text Instructions:

  1. Clone repository from GitHub using Azure Data Studio (​​GitHub Repository)

  2. Open "Install Instructions" in Azure Data Studio

  3. Install the following Azure Data Studio extension: ELTSnap

  4. Deploy the following two .dacpac files to a SQL Server instance: eltsnap_v2 & eltsnap_framework

  5. Reset tables in the eltsnap_v2 database by running the following stored procedure: Reset All eltsnap_v2 Tables (using a connection to eltsnap_v2)

  6. Reset tables in the eltsnap_framework database by running the following stored procedure (using a connection to eltsnap_framework)Reset All eltsnap_framework Tables

  7. Clone and configure the eltSnap Runtime GitHub repository

  8. Test the eltSnap Runtime by pasting the following command into the Terminal window (be sure to update the server parameter “localhost” below to specify your SQL Server instance name): (**see video for command line)

  9. Clone and configure the Notebook Snap Basic GitHub repository