A modern data integration platform for the cloud

made possible with the magic of Python

Advantages at a glance

Open Source Backend SQL Server Database

Holds all of your project definitions: Connections, Parameters, Packages and Environments.

Code Generators

Elegant generators for both T-SQL & snowSQL

Intuitive Developer Front- End

Fully integrated run-time engine and a control panel to support operations.

Metadata Management 

Fully integrated metadata management system.

Data-Warehousing Package Patterns

For populating your Fact & Dimensional tables.

Template Driven

Template driven run-time framework.

Extract, Load and Transform

We use an Extract, Load, then Transform (ELT) paradigm vs. the more common ETL methodology.  This translates into huge cost savings and efficiency in data warehousing by doing the more time consuming work (loading) before the data transformation. 

With eltSnap, you can orchestrate all your data integration workloads in the cloud, or on premise. This is made possible by our Python based custom runtime. Allowing for vendor agnostic connections.

Control Panel & Operational Dashboard

Intuitive and easy to use; our control panel allows monitoring and canceling if needed when running eltSnap jobs. Our dashboard provides trended analysis of how long it takes to run jobs, and how much data they are moving. 

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