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Your Data Warehouse, 

in a Snap

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The Team



Our modern data integration platform with a custom runtime built with Python

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Data Integration with Jupyter Notebooks

Modern data integration fully driven by Azure Data Studio Notebooks


10x Acceleration for SSIS

Create SSIS packages in a snap. 10x faster with code reuse, and consistent documentation


A Modern Approach

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More than a simple transposition of letters, using an ELT paradigm instead of the traditional ETL method can make a huge difference with both time and money. This is especially true when building your Data Warehouse...

We've been creating enterprise data warehouses for many years

Over this time we’ve found opportunities for streamlining the creation of ETL (or really ELT) processes.  This effort has resulted in the creation of two new data integration tools:  eltSnap and bimlSnap. Then we decided, why not share the love?

E-book Reader
Hands-on Azure Data Studio Book - Jim Mi

We wrote a book!

Here's what you can expect:

  • Discover a modern way to code, process, visualize, document and share data

  • Create notebooks to encapsulate rich text, SQL code, query results, links and more

  • Learn how to use Python and PowerShell in a fully integrated Azure Data Studio solutio

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