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Frequently asked questions

I Can’t connect to my database

For OleDb Connections, verify that the Server, Database and Provider names are correct. You can optionally provide a “custom connect string”, which can encompass many connection options including syntax using an “OleDb Provider for ODBC”. When a custom connect string is used, the Server, Database and Provider names are notreferenced for #BimlExpress package generation, or at #SSIS package run-time. Note that the predefined #Biml based “custom connect string” parameter is referenced by Connection Name + the literal: ‘ConnectString’. For example, a connection named ‘mycon’ would need a parameter named ‘mycon_ConnectString’, which results in the following SSIS parameter reference: ‘@[$Project::mycon_ConnectString]’

How is mapping achieved between source and target columns?

When generating packages in #SSDT (Visual Studio) using #Biml and #BimlExpress, columns are linked based on matching source and destination column names. If needed, the source SELECT statement can use a column alias to match the destination column name.

How to I get ‘Row Counts’ from my package executions

Packages based on a ‘Data Flow‘ pattern will automatically place affected ‘row counts’ in the run-time database ‘SSIS_Data’. For packages based on the ‘Execute SQL‘ pattern, you need to add the following code at the end of your SQL Statement: SELECT @@ROWCOUNT AS [row_count];

The “Merge query” generator returns: “No business key” found

This error occurs when no columns in the ‘staging’ metadata table have a ‘merge-type’ designation of ‘bk’ (meaning: business key) The merge statement cannot be generated unless: 1. A ‘business key’ (which can be a composite key) has been set using the BimlSnap Mart Metadata manager (shown above) 2. The Metadata tables in bimlsnap_mart_v2 have been sync’d into the primary ‘bimlsnap_v2’ (build) database. This is accomplished by running the stored procedure called: [dbo].[Sync All Server Metadata], which is located in the bimlsnap_mart_v2 database (for BimlSnap Desktop), or by uploading your metadata (for BimlSnap Online)