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The foundation of BI Tracks is our love of building Business Intelligence solutions, and the challenge to reduce the time needed to create a Data Warehouse.

BI Tracks began primarily as a group of data consultants that addressed complex Business Intelligence issues with Microsoft solutions for clients around the globe. Primarily the building and curating of enterprise level data warehouses. The longer we did this work, the more we realized that data warehousing with the Microsoft BI Stack was taking far longer than it should. A prime example of this is the lack of meaningful code-reuse within the SSIS (ELT) package designer in Visual Studio. 

BI Tracks changed that by creating our own platforms.

BimlSnap and eltSnap were created to help us do our own work faster. RunSnap was added to help us schedule jobs while we could focus on more important tasks.

BI Tracks uses BimlSnap and/or eltSnap with each consulting project for building an EDW. With each new project  our software gets better, and our clients get happier. This capability of problem solving, with  continual innovation is applied to our platforms to this day. 

BI Tracks now offers these platforms to help you achieve your data warehouse objectives. 

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about our approach and thought process at the BI for Breakfast Blog.

on any Snap software that you already have by visiting our support page. 

 BI Tracks believes in fostering community and sees other developers as peers rather than competition. You can find us hanging out at SQL Saturdays around Cincinnati, Ohio and elsewhere.

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